Fantech is one of the fastest-growing gaming peripheral brands for gamers in the world. The “Wings” logo is symbolic of Fantech's goal to help gamers reach their highest potential. With a fan base in more than 100 countries, comprising more than 5 million users, Fantech has developed one of the most loyal followers in the world, with a focus on quality. Fantech also focuses on providing gaming products for gamers of all ages and E-sports through product sponsors and ambassadors. To date, Fantech has sponsored several E-sports teams in Southeast Asia and individual players in other countries around the world. The slogan “Gear Up and Win” was created to help gamers, by supporting them throughout their gaming journey. Founded in 2009, in Indonesia by three brothers, Fantech quickly started to rapidly increase its product and market reach, with the dream of helping gamers prepare and win. Fantech has more than 20 offices worldwide and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing brands for gamers in Southeast Asia, Oceania, South America, the Middle East, and emerging markets in the US and Europe.

Fantech was officially launched in Nepal in 2018 AD. All of the distribution of the Fantech Products is being handled by Fantech Store, located at Dillibazar Kathmandu. Fantech is considered an affordable and reliable gaming accessory among gamers. Currently, Fantech Products are being sold from more than 30 eCommerce sites, and via various vendors all around Nepal. High Quality & Reliable products, customer care & after-sales service is the elements, which lead us to be a No. 1 gaming brand in Nepal. 

Our Team

Suresh Katwal

Lokesh Bansal

Rakshya Simkhada

Gaurav Nepal

Rojan Upreti


Ben Yamin