Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming in Nepal

Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming in Nepal


In the case of PC gaming gear, product specifications that have the best quality can encourage purchases. For example, gaming monitors can become popular because they offer lower prices than other products but have a high refresh rate, while gaming mice have higher sensitivity and better tracking accuracy. Unlike the “Mechanical Gaming Keyboard”, there is not a single statement that separates the mechanism from its non-mechanical counterpart, but mechanical keyboards are routinely recommended over other cheaper keyboard alternatives, Why is that? Are there any advantages?

The answer: Mechanical keyboard is a special keyboard that is rarely known by many people, generally this mechanical keyboard is only known by keyboard enthusiasts and gamers. But gradually people began to feel the curiosity to have a mechanical gaming keyboard, the mechanical keyboard is the perfect keyboard for gaming and typing needs.

Today, mechanical keyboards are the most preferred devices for video game lovers. However, is this type of mechanical keyboard the right keyboard for them? For everyone who is thinking about buying a mechanical keyboard, they can search the internet for recommendations and reviews on the best mechanical keyboard for you. This type of mechanical keyboard also has various advantages and disadvantages with the type of mechanism and technology it has in its design.

What should you know?

There are many models of mechanical keyboards produced by various companies that sell these keyboards in the market. All mechanical keyboard keycaps have individual switches that can be pulled or removed. Some conventional keyboards usually have rubber keys that can be annoying. For this reason, there is a mechanical key lock option.

With this mechanical key lock, players will get more touch response with their fingers and have greater durability. Each type of keycap has a different character, here are the most popular or frequently used keycaps based on color: Black, Blue, Red, and Brown Keycaps each color of keycap has a different response.

As a gamer, everyone needs essential gaming gear to help enjoy and win every video game played, the ideal keyboard is one of the main things that players should consider before experiencing the gaming experience. Even though there are membrane keyboards available on the market, pro game players still have a mechanical gaming keyboard as the best keyboard to accompany their every game

Mechanical Keyboard’s Advantages

Mechanical keyboards are not much different from membrane keyboards or other types of keyboards available in the market. However, mechanical keyboards are slightly superior to other keyboards available in the market. Most mechanical gaming keyboards provide customization. Most mechanical gaming keyboards have a complete anti-ghosting feature that allows players to press all keys simultaneously. The mechanical keyboard is a very fast and precise keyboard in producing the output of the key pressed.

Here are the Fantech Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Recommendations

  • Fantech MAXFIT 67

Maxfit 67 is the latest mechanical gaming keyboard from Fantech which has many additional features that mechanical keyboard users love, there are 3 connection modes and RGB sout-facing that makes your game much more impressive, designed with 4000 MAH battery life for use up to 70 hours per charge and the same on a mechanical gaming keyboard in general, the maxfit 67 also has anti-ghosting keycaps.

  • Fantech MAXPOWER MK853

This gaming keyboard has different features from other fantech mechanical gaming keyboards, the mk853 mechanical keyboard has an interesting feature, namely an armrest that makes your wrists not easily fatigued when typing for hours on the keyboard.

  • Fantech MAXFIT 61

Likewise, with the maxfit 67 keyboards, the maxfit61 keyboard can provide a magic fn key in one button. Ergonomic design featuring all the functionality of a traditional full-size keyboard.

  • Fantech MAX CORE MK852

For this mechanical keyboard, there are 20 modes of the lighting effect spectrum that will enhance your playing experience to be much more cheerful and enthusiastic with the light effects.